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AirStream Set for Take-Off This Fall

AirStream Set for Take-Off This Fall

Looking ahead at what features and options Seraphim Software's newest product will offer.

With dozens of visual presentation providers already giving churches plenty of choices when it comes to creating top notch visual effects for both worship and message demonstration, is their room for yet another presentation software application? If that application is AirStream, then the answer is yes.

Developed on the Seraphim Software platform, AirStream offers numerous options and special features, and with the Seraphim software name on it, the application promises excellence in terms of quality and usability. John Linton, a representative for Seraphim Software, gives us a sneak peek into what Airstream will be able to do for churches the world over:

"AirStream allows you to share the experience of your live services in your church, across campuses, and around the world through your website," he said. "This unique software's feature set has been fused together to create a seamless, organized, and smooth workflow."

Part of the beauty of AirStream is its functionality across not only one computer or network, but over the internet as a whole. AirStream provides users with the best of both worlds. First, it can store all of a church's presentations and media items in the Cloud to be viewed literally anywhere. Secondly, the application simultaneously leverages the church's local hardware to ensure resilience during its services.

The developers of AirStream believe in a four-fold approach when it comes to visual presentations. In creating AirStream they poured their focus into composition, presentation, direction and immersion. Linton says that this four-fold focus gives the application something very unique that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Looking at this approach, the first focus is composition. Linton says that using the Cloud truly enhances this element of presentation because it brings the creative ideas of an entire team together seamlessly. Not only that, but the effects and features that AirStream offers can make anyone into a pro.

"[The] Compose [feature] gives your members the tools to create stunning visuals using many dynamic elements including: Text, Particles Systems, Maps, Count-Downs, and features to enhance Biblical content," Linton said. "With a large library of special effects, you can transform your current images, videos, and slides to the next level of creativity.

Moving on to AirStream's next area of expertise, that is, presentation, Linton says that churches can use this feature to fluently control what is presented to the congregation and therefore help create dynamic worship experiences. AirStream uses features such as annotation, highlighting and a built-in laser pointer to give total control back to the speaker in the midst of a presentation.

In terms of direction, Linton says that the application can effortlessly stream, store and publish church presentations directly to its website. It can then be viewed on any internet capable device.

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