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A view of a screenshot of Renewed Vision's ProPresenter 6.

Revitalize with ProPresenter: Live and Streamed

With contemporary streaming video and IMAG presentations - simpler is really better. Start by choosing no backgrounds, in place of risky animated motions that can easily distract.

The year 2020 is just around the corner, a little more than a year away. 

At this point, you have either started streaming your church services, or you are trying to convince someone that it’s time! 

For some of you, the idea of streaming may be secondary to simply getting your lyrics formatted and projected in a way that doesn’t look like we’re still rockin’ the ’90s worship choruses! 

But what if you can do both? What if one could help the other? 

Here are a few tips on using Renewed Vision's ProPresenter to integrate a revitalized live worship experience with your livestreaming services. 

If you are interested in learning more about media presentation software options available to houses of worship, check out the following session, "Resolume Arena 6 in Worship," slated for the WFX Conference & Expo this November in Orlando.

First: upgrade & contemporize. 

Install the latest version of ProPresenter (on Mac or PC)

Why ProPresenter? 

Because it is the most current and progressive software available that adapts quickly to the needs of the church, while still being simple to use for the most basic of applications. Especially if your church vision involves going to a more contemporary style. 

Next: clean up your fonts and Capitalize

Change out your old fonts. At least use a sans-serif font (that’s a font without “feet”) like Arial, Calibri, and Verdana. These fonts are easier to read than the serif fonts like Times Roman. Please never use Papyrus or Comic Sans! They might seem to be a “creative” font to use, but are hard to quickly read. 

If you want to really take a few steps forward, though, try some blockier type fonts and capitalize. In the ProPresenter 6 text style tab, go to the edit dialog, click on the “Text properties” button (which looks like a capital “A”) Click the “all caps” box. Now you’re embracing 2020 and moving in the right direction! 

Finally: Integrate with streaming.

At some point, you will want to stream a version of the lyrics, sermon notes and videos to your at-home audience. You may already have a lyrics projection position and a livestream operator position that works independently from one another. While this is perfectly acceptable with a large enough volunteer team, this can lead to unnecessary doubling of your work. Changes and corrections can also be cumbersome. You need a solution. 

Let’s integrate the process, using the multiscreen module. 

Most people think of the multiscreen module is something most often utilized to stretch an image across multiple screens in your sanctuary with control of where to send text, videos, etc. This is great, but there are other uses, like using the multiple outputs to send two or more versions of the same presentation.  

With the multiscreen module enabled, you will need to split your computer’s video output using an adapter like the Matrox TripleHead2Go. Once you connect to the input of your streaming computer, you will have control over the formatting of both your projected image and your presentations to be streamed (using a multi-source SDI-type input card is always best.) 

If you are using a streaming/recording program like Wirecast on a second computer, you can now choose the formatted signal (like transparent lower-third boxes) as a shot option to overlay your live video - no video switcher needed.  

Now you’ve given your at-home audience a customized worship experience just for them! 

(Bonus tip for streaming beginners or minimalists: that little box called “Syphon” makes streaming presentations and audio straight from ProPresenter to an OBS encoder or other streaming software possible. Check it out!) 

Tie the two together with a slick trick. 

Before a service, both of your congregations need a little warning that the service is starting. But those wonderful countdown clocks with the walk-in style music can get forgotten, until it’s too late. Let’s knock off a few more birds at the same time… 

Schedule the preservice loop to start, when you want the countdown to start. Now, add a cue by right clicking one of the slides and selecting “Add Cue” and then “Cue Palette.” Then, drag a message cue to that slide and select a message with the countdown in it. 

As long as you have an identical template set up for your streaming feed, now you are serving both your congregations with your countdown timer, without having to remember to start it! 

Remember, with contemporary streaming video and IMAG presentations - simpler is really better. 

Start by choosing no backgrounds, in place of risky animated motions that can easily distract. Choose easy-to-read fonts in place of scripty ones. Use simple cuts and dissolves for all transitions. Avoid wipes, pushes and spins. Just because there are effects available, doesn’t mean you should use them. The pros say stay away! 

With just a little work, your worship can be fresh, revitalized and newly streamed to the world. 

“Sing a new song to the Lord. Sing to the Lord, all the earth.” Psalm 96:1 

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