Youth Ministry

Alison Istnick · December 29, 2017
Abandoned and vacant for ten years, an old automotive dealership gets new life to bring generations together.

By Cathy Hutchison · April 03, 2017
Innovative church ministries that are impacting families through their youth and children's facilities and programs.

WFM Staff · December 06, 2016
A youth-oriented church worship rally demonstrates Crossroads philosophy on reaching out with relevancy in message and delivery.

M Wagner · August 04, 2016
Having an appealing youth space doesn't need to cost a lot. Look through these photos for ideas on how to transform your youth space.

By Cathy Hutchison · June 16, 2016
What would it take to add a play structure to your children's ministry space? Ever wonder whether you have enough room? And, what about budget?

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
SwingTrack by Visual Sports is a sport simulator that provides people of all ages the opportunity to play sports through technology, using real sport equipment! Try hitting a home run, throwing a touchdown pass or kicking a field goal - SwingTrack lets you do all that and more with stunning realism, across a range of sports.

By Cathy Hutchison · August 28, 2015
Churches today are actively seeking to add relevance and functional space to both their youth and children's ministry space.

WFM Staff · February 18, 2015
Good Fulton & Farrell selected by Chase Oaks Church Fairview to design new campus in North Dallas. The building is composed of four major areas: a kid zone, nursery/administration, worship and youth. These areas are organized along the commons which opens directly to an exterior patio. The Youth building is separated from the main building by an exterior covered breezeway with a coffee bar, providing a gathering area for the congregation. The Worship space is designed to support up to 500 seats. An open floor plan of the kid zone and youth area provides ultimate flexibility for the church. Moveable partitions will be used to quickly manipulate these spaces for specific uses such as education, worship, music, group work, assembly areas and play.

Keith Loria · March 26, 2014
Before setting off on a theme or idea, it's important that you consider the youth themselves and not just what appeals to the elders of a church.