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WFM Staff · February 09, 2017
The 3rd annual REACH Conference returns to Raleigh with its powerful 1.5-day conference. The conference is held in a church setting and features national and regional experts delivering education and training in the areas that are critical to a church’s ability to grow and have greater impact on community.

WFM Staff · February 09, 2017
The partnership will result in expanded training at the REACH Conference and the debut of a new worship conference titled We Are Worship that will be co-located at WFX 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

M Wagner · December 20, 2016
Should your church invest in a drum enclosure? Drum enclosures are a simple way to solve drum volume issues, and are a necessity for mixing audio in smaller venues.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · July 27, 2016
Regardless of the size of your church, the worship arts come with challenges. Some are specific to small churches, others to large, and still others are universal.

By Gary Zandstra · July 26, 2016
When preparing for a worship service and setting yourself up for success, the little things can make a big difference.

By Gary Zandstra · February 03, 2016
How is our attitude with those that we don't always agree with?

WFM Staff · November 10, 2015
WFX 2015 reflects the tone and culture of Nashville as it focuses on the current and future needs of churches from across the country.

WFM Staff · October 30, 2015
National Praise and Worship Institute to Produce and Present Worship Training Curriculum at Worship Facilities Conference and Expo in Nashville

WFM Staff · August 20, 2015
A partnership between the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) and National Praise and Worship Institute (NPWI) will present an integrated curriculum created by NPWI faculty on how to better unify technical and worship teams.

June 10, 2015
In-ear monitors are known to help improve the overall sound quality by dramatically reducing noise on stage. However, many musicians complain about poor audio, unfamiliar/ isolated sound, even dizziness which can make the transition to IEM frustrating.

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