Wireless Microphones

M Wagner · March 02, 2018
Selecting a strong wireless vocal microphone system will elevate your church band's sound and provide clear vocals with less feedback and interference.

By Live Sound Staff · August 24, 2017
As we near the conclusion of a long running auction process of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) what is the impact on how wireless system users in live audio applications such as worship services will be impacted.

By Karl Winkler · May 04, 2017
The Mt. Vesuvius effect relates to impending changes regarding usage of the RF spectrum. Changes that will affect wireless transmission, including wireless mics worn by vocalists and pastors. Here's what you need to know.

Jim Kumorek · February 22, 2017
Wireless microphones are found in most churches. Over the last decade the FCC has repurposed some of the frequency spectrum. What does this mean for Houses of Worship?

By Tony Staires · January 31, 2017
Often a microphone is the first link, and perhaps the most important link, in the audio chain.

By Kevin Peckham · August 29, 2016
A wake up call for those of us who have been taking wireless microphone usage for granted.

M Wagner · April 01, 2016
The Shure SM58 combines reliability and excellent sound quality. The SM58 capsule comes in a variety of Shure’s wireless mics, fitting any budget and providing flexibility when it comes to building out your sound system. With a wide frequency

Jim Kumorek · March 29, 2016
In this article we continue the discussion of the challenges that the use of wireless mic and in-ear monitor systems can create.

Jim Kumorek · March 23, 2016
If you are incorporating wireless technology into your audio system, then most likely you've come up against some unforeseen challenges.

WFM Staff · June 29, 2015
30-year audio veteran offers hands on education to aspiring audio engineers using Sony's audio products.