Mark MacDonald · October 13, 2016
Many in today’s culture have little idea that they can connect with Jesus in our churches - they continue to google and seek answers to their pains or concerns.

WFM Staff · October 07, 2016
Social Media is about relationships, not numbers. Are you guilty of any of these?

By Alejandro Reyes · September 09, 2016
Three tips for welcoming new members and better engaging with your community.

Mark MacDonald · August 16, 2016
Your church is full of content! You probably don’t need really need a writer, instead you'll want to hire this kind of person.

Mark MacDonald · May 05, 2016
Many churches are spending more than needed on their communications, when a tweak will save money and be more effective. Here are 5 solutions we recommend for quick savings.

M Wagner · April 14, 2016
A WFX presentation that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of church communication media -- social media, website content, print and digital materials, etc. -- and explores the personality and emotional intelligence required for successful, effective communications.

Mark MacDonald · April 14, 2016
Many of our church websites are designed with chaos. We must calm down our pages to allow people to spend more time seeking information.

Mark MacDonald · April 12, 2016
Increasing your SEO is necessary to expanding the reach of your website. Here are three comprehensive ways to help grow visits to online presence.

Mark MacDonald · April 04, 2016
Websites are changing. Here are five things every church must have to be effective with the average web user.

Mark MacDonald · February 03, 2016
It’s political time in America. The primaries are narrowing the field as 2016 builds towards the big decision in November.