Jim Kumorek · February 28, 2017
Beyond foundational lighting, here are fixtures to give your service that extra pop.

WFM Staff · January 20, 2017
Are your volunteers stretched thin? Here's how to know when making that jump is a necessity.

By M. Erik Matlock · December 22, 2016
We don’t have the right to ridicule others who don't have our skills any more than we have the right to berate ourselves for some skill set that we lack.

WFM Staff · September 23, 2016
Seeking balance inside and outside of work and ministry focus of Tech Leaders Retreat at WFX 2016.

By Chris Martin · September 01, 2016
Today video dominates social media, and online content in general. If your ministry isn’t doing much with video already, you may want to consider it.

Jim Kumorek · August 16, 2016
Installing certain technology into your facility respects your volunteer's time, can makes your facility easier to maintain, and will open up creative new ways to use your facility.

By Kirk Denson · June 14, 2016
For ministries who are blessed to have a video department or at least a camera or two, there is an absolute need for direction.

Deborah Ike · June 09, 2016
One of the opportunities of leadership is being able to take a step back and see the big picture. But how you interact with those on the front lines can either be a hindrance, or a leverage to ministry.

Deborah Ike · June 07, 2016
If your to-do list is a mile long consider perfecting the skill of delegation. Here are tips that will help you reap the rewards of assigning responsibility.

By Lee Varian · May 24, 2016
There are many different ways to approach a multi-site church. Are you pursuing the model that best serves the church’s vision?

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