Visual Worship

By John Weygandt · November 29, 2017
The entire concept of stage design can be somewhat daunting. Here are suggestions, creative ideas and tips to help.

Andres Caamano · February 02, 2017
A Colorado church does a budget-minded, and extensive, update of its video capabilities while retaining an all-volunteer work base

M Wagner · July 11, 2016
Does your church need new motion backgrounds for worship? Try these low-cost resources first.

By Tony Stairs · July 07, 2016
Using Environmental Projection can have a powerful impact on your weekend worship experiences.

By Luke McElroy · July 05, 2016
Great visual atmospheres don’t just happen; they are birthed out of proper preparation and plenty of rehearsal.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · June 13, 2016
Topics include Filmmaking, Church Security and Small Church Innovation

Alison Istnick · April 12, 2016
Visual worship programs have had significant impact on attracting new congregants. Learn more about the use of creative showmanship in worship.

By Luke McElroy · February 11, 2016
As we pursue excellence we can learn to do more, with less, in our creative elements.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · January 14, 2016
The director of Orange Thread Media discusses his popular workshop on Visual Worship.

Jim Kumorek · August 27, 2015
Is media adding to, or subtracting from the quality of your services? Here are tips to ensure your slides and graphics are distraction free.