Turner Duran Architects

By Cathy Hutchison · February 16, 2018
The Salvation Army’s new Wayne Bergstrom Center of Hope meets practical needs in Montgomery County.

WFM Staff · September 26, 2017
Nestled in West Houston’s Memorial neighborhood, St. John Vianney Catholic Church made significant additions and enhancements to the church campus to meet their expanding congregation's needs. The compelling design integrates the new and old cohesively, uniting the parish in its mission of "Living Faith, Changing Lives, and Making a Difference."

WFM Staff · March 16, 2017
The six-story tall glass-enclosed entrance, looming over the entire church complex, commands presence along the freeway and in nearby neighborhoods, and greets congregants and visitors alike to this multi-building campus in a booming part of the metropolitan Houston region.

WFM Staff · February 09, 2017
The new worship center for a congregation of the Redeemed Christian Church of God serves the Nigerian immigrant community west of Houston. Through modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities this Christian body is now able to spread their Christian message in a new community-centric building.

WFM Staff · October 01, 2016
A design of visual power which belies the modest size of the overall structure, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church draws upon the cultural heritage of the congregation’s Mexican-American community to meet client goals, in the process reaching beyond to communicate the pride, achievement, and devotion of its congregation.

WFM Staff · October 05, 2015
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church boasts a design of visual power that belies the modest size of its structure. The building’s design is built upon the cultural heritage of the congregation’s Mexican-American community. The facility reflects the pride, achievement, and devotion of the Our Lady of Guadalupe congregation.