Team Development

Phil Cooke · March 14, 2017
One church shares it's values that helped them developed a remarkable team of volunteers

Timothy J. Fancher · February 17, 2017
Three of the most important concepts for a church to consider when building an in-house security team.

By Steven Chaparro · September 26, 2016
In order for a growing organization to be healthy, sustainable and prone to growth, the organization must be driven by a host of voices, perspectives, and strategies.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · September 01, 2016
Event organizers hope attendees will make meaningful connections with a new WFX App and a designated area at the EXPO named The Spark.

By Gregory Kane · August 25, 2016
You need volunteers and you need them now. Learn to apply vision casting in storytelling to draw people into your ministry and mission.

By Brian Wilson · July 11, 2016
Your team may have just a few people or many, either way they are yours to take care of and pastor.

By Eric Byrd · July 01, 2016
A key to effective leadership, especially long-term, is the ability to resolve conflict.

Deborah Ike · June 28, 2016
Striving for excellence means looking for ways to improve. Here are 7 ways to move your team forward, even when they’ve already got a full to-do list.

Jim Kumorek · May 31, 2016
WFX Reach came to my area in Raleigh, North Carolina. Normally I work at the large WFX event each year; this time I had the opportunity to volunteer by running a camera for IMAG and experienced some grace.

By David Leuschner · May 27, 2016
You have the "go ahead" to bring on a new staff member. Now what? Here are proven strategies used by Gateway Church's Technical Director, David Leuschner on building an effective staff for your ministry.

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