WFM Staff · March 28, 2017
The State of Church Communications is the first comprehensive analysis of social media, church website and outreach ministry efforts in the American Church.

WFM Staff · October 24, 2016
Content automation specialist, StreamSpot CEO, discusses the StreamSpot One Encoder and how this can simplify streaming of your service and worship at your church.

September 09, 2016
In 2015, 3,000 houses of worship in 57 countries used Livestream to broadcast 121,026 services, ceremonies, and meetings.

WFM Staff · August 25, 2016
You’ve been live streaming Sunday services for a while now, and you’ve improved the quality and professionalism of your broadcasts. Your crew has a handle on the basics of sound and lighting and your audience is grateful for the new access. But why stop there? While Sunday services seem to be the most popular events to stream, there are many other ceremonies and events hosted by the church that people would love to watch if they were available to them.

Jim Kumorek · March 22, 2016
What to consider when selecting a video camera to capture your church service.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · January 26, 2016
When deciding on how to deliver your sermon or service to other sites, the options are numerous. Here are some considerations when selecting what's best for your house of worship.

WFM Staff · January 07, 2016
Ideal for field production and live streaming of church services, the Sparky-E is a rugged single channel live RTMP streamer with HDMI or analog video input. The system is compact (6.7 inches) low latency (1/2 second), and affordable. It supports Ustream, YouTube, and other CDN's. A companion decoder is available.

WFM Staff · January 06, 2016
Wowza Streaming Cloud is a professional-grade service for live streaming directly from a camera or encoder to audiences on any device, anywhere. Built on the award-winning Wowza streaming technology already deployed by more than 19,000 organizations in more than 170 countries, Wowza Streaming Cloud simplifies the end-to-end video streaming workflow.

Jeremy Mika · December 17, 2015
Here are three of the hottest products out there to provide easy and excellent streaming video.

Jim Tomberlin · December 04, 2015
With thousands of sermons being delivered via video certain delivery techniques or "commandments" heed careful consideration.

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