Sound System

By M. Erik Matlock · December 22, 2016
We don’t have the right to ridicule others who don't have our skills any more than we have the right to berate ourselves for some skill set that we lack.

WFM Staff · March 17, 2016
Recently it has invested in a major audio upgrade to fulfill the unique needs of its growing ministry services, special events and prayer services.

WFM Staff · September 24, 2015
Guy Penrod is among the world’s greatest living gospel singers. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Sydney Opera House, Atlanta's Georgia Dome, Billy Graham Crusades, and the White House.

By Pat Brown · June 30, 2015
In a day of internet deals on cheap gear and cost consciousness, here's a reminder of some basic truths.

WFM Staff · March 10, 2015
Temple Beth Israel has been around since 1930 and has upgraded their sound system to give their audience a better service. Because it can seat over 1,000 people, the sound must be able to be heard clearly by everyone in attendance.

WFM Staff · October 16, 2014
OWI Inc. Mercury Pendant Speakers: Solution designed to distribute sound from above.

WFM Staff · September 27, 2013
PreSonus Eris E8 two-way, bi-amped, active studio monitors enable live sound engineers to produce quality recordings, whether for sermon podcasts or live music recordings.