Jim Kumorek · November 20, 2017
Whether it’s pews, theater seating, in-the-round, or removable, seating style sets the tone for your services.

M Wagner · July 07, 2017
Are you looking to make some upgrades to your church's youth or children's spaces? Here are seven ideas to add character through furniture and flooring.

M Wagner · January 10, 2017
Charging capabilities in today's seating is a trend which resonates with all generations.Take a look at these options that feature functionality which takes furniture to the next level.

Martin Sinderman · December 08, 2016
There has never been more variety than today when it comes to seating and furnishings for both worship and non-worship spaces within a church facility.

WFM Staff · October 13, 2016
The Moda Seating Wagon incorporates a highly-engineered design that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy seating solution for sanctuaries and auditoriums.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
With over 2 million sold, this popular chair has served churches faithfully for years. Now the Impressions Series is even better with more comfort, much better stackability and visibly refined tailoring; we’ve redesigned and enhanced key components to give you the ultimate in Zero Maintenance stackable seating for your church.

Jeremy Mika · March 31, 2016
With their feet in the present and their eyes on the future, one church creates a plan for a worship center designed for both present and future ministry with its expandable sanctuary space.

WFM Staff · November 09, 2015
The Solomon Awards give us the honor of lifting up models of excellence in today's church facilities. We're happy to share this collection with you of truly inspired church sanctuaries. Welcome to Holy ground.

May 12, 2015

WFM Staff · May 12, 2015
For 29 years, our mission has been to support churches by providing the highest quality seating and related church products at the very best prices and with trustworthy warranties.