By Keith Shaver · August 14, 2017
Church security is no longer a luxury — rather it is a requirement to help ensure the safety and security of the church and its members.

WFM Staff · July 17, 2017
Taking a necessary look at one very important safety issue which is often overlooked by church staff—the janitor’s closet.

By Ken DeLoria · June 23, 2017
Everything Breaks...The only question is under what load and under what conditions.

Martin Sinderman · April 13, 2017
For churches large and small, providing safety and security for their children’s ministry participants is a major area of concern these days.

WFM Staff · February 06, 2017
Those who participate in our church safety and security survey will be entered to win COMPLIMENTARY PASSES to Safety and Security Conference at WFX 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

M Wagner · January 24, 2017
How can your church benefit from kiosks? Here's a look at various types of kiosks and the roles they each fill.

WFM Staff · December 12, 2016
At WFX 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. John Moa explains Cyberlock's ability to help keep your church congregation and facility safe and secure.

By By Dr. Kevin Kloesel · August 09, 2016
Warm and hot weather marks the time of year when the alarms prompting severe weather planning and preparedness go off in church administrative offices around the country.

Jim Kumorek · July 19, 2016
A large percentage of churches have safety issues in their main meeting room, and are probably completely unaware of it.

October 13, 2014
Participant will learn the difference between active and passive security measures. Participant will learn about different access control systems; cost of each as well as the pros and cons. Participant will learn about the different types of camera systems available; session will cover cost as well as pros and cons of each system type. Participant will learn ways to take their knowledge of their facility and begin to design a system that is right for their specific needs.