By David Leuschner · March 27, 2018
You have the "go ahead" to bring on a new staff member. Now what? Here are proven strategies used by Gateway Church's Technical Director, David Leuschner on building an effective staff for your ministry.

Gary Zandstra · August 29, 2017
Explore motivational strategies in recruiting people who will prove to be creative, engaged and committed.

By Dennis Choy · May 05, 2017
Often, it’s not that we are unwilling to recruit more – we just have so much going in ministry that when the slots are full, we stop recruiting and focus on other things.

Deborah Ike · April 13, 2017
How do you make sure you’ll have enough volunteers for your next event AND get them to come back for future events? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Phil Cooke · March 14, 2017
One church shares it's values that helped them developed a remarkable team of volunteers

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You need volunteers and you need them now. Learn to apply vision casting in storytelling to draw people into your ministry and mission.

Deborah Ike · July 25, 2016
A quick Google search for “recruiting church volunteers” confirms you’re not alone in looking to add to your volunteer teams.

M Wagner · March 31, 2016
Dennis Choy, communications and production pastor at North Coast Church.

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Whether searching for a new job or laying the foundation for your future, Luke McElroy of Orange Thread Media, shares how breadcrumbs are a secret of success.

Jim Kumorek · January 13, 2016
To reach out and locate individuals who would be well suited to serve on your tech teams requires some basic understanding of the challenges of recruiting technical volunteers.