By Richard Ventura · April 02, 2018
From announcements to sermons — from concerts to community events, digital signage is giving houses of worship new ways to connect to their congregations.

Jim Kumorek · March 02, 2018
In a church environment the power of what is possible with a media server can elevate the production value of your services to new heights.

By Phil Bowdle · March 21, 2017
Statistics and attendance are showing that Millennials are leaving or not connecting to the church at higher rates than ever before. What can churches do to reach this Millennial generation?

Mark MacDonald · February 28, 2017
With churches in decline or stagnation, we need to go back to foundational reasons for faltering church attendance.

By Gary Zandstra · July 26, 2016
When preparing for a worship service and setting yourself up for success, the little things can make a big difference.

Jeremy Mika · July 21, 2016
When church attendance begins to slide in the summer months, what can be done to help churchgoers stay connected to Christ? It starts with focus from ministry leaders. If the church prayerfully plans to be an effective ambassador of Christ in the summer, I believe that God will honor that. Let’s use the summer to reinvigorate the church rather than letting it slide into mediocrity.

Deborah Ike · June 16, 2015
We all want to reach our communities and bring people to Christ. How can you tell if you’re starting to do too much?

Jeremy Mika · June 09, 2015
Looking ahead at what features and options Seraphim Software's newest product will offer.

Jeremy Mika · October 06, 2014
How a church in Ohio solved its overcrowding problem while maintaining a sense of family and community.