By Greg Stovell · March 28, 2017
On the planning desk at First Presbyterian in West Chester, Pennsylvania, there is one single Sunday worship theme, which is surrounded by many Post-It Notes, including a collection of 20 possible praise songs.

WFM Staff · June 05, 2015
Good Fulton and Farrell, Inc. is working together with Vantage Point Church of Eastvale, CA to develop a master plan and building designs for a new church campus on ten and a half acres. In addition, plans are underway to develop the extensive grounds as viable outdoor spaces, including trails, gardens and structures to encourage community involvement.

June 04, 2015
Managing ministries within a growing and changing church requires a clear vision for the future. In this session we will look at how master planning will bring your facilities in alignment with your ministry goals, how your values are reflected in your built environment and how proactive planning and timed responses will support your vision and make best use of your resources.

June 04, 2015
Too many churches decide to build or expand before they have a firm understanding of the questions which should be answered before they start.

Keith Loria · March 20, 2015
Like any other organization, churches need to be properly prepared for disaster response and management. Learn about available resources and how to train your staff and volunteers for emergency response.

Jim Kumorek · February 10, 2015
Thoughts on how to make the most of your holiday outreach opportunity

October 13, 2014
Consider new models for design and use of church facilities that emphasize expanded times of activity and shared community spaces. Understand the concept / process of architectural programming and why its important. Become familiar with 3 example projects that utilize church spaces for non-traditional programs / uses and often at off-peak times. Review available resources and tools for future reference.

October 13, 2014
To recognize that the church’s vision should be the starting point and standard for the Master Plan. To learn how Master Plan informs initial, as well as long term, ministry utilization. To become aware of the tools and resources necessary to develop a meaningful and successful Master Plan. To learn how to ensure that the Master Plan becomes a tool for communication, consensus and enthusiasm with the congregation.

Jeremy Mika · August 25, 2014
Just a decade ago multisite churches were a rarity. Today they are becoming commonplace. When is the right time for your church to allocate resources towards an extension of your ministry?

WFM Staff · July 17, 2014
Charlie Daniels of Churches by Daniels Construction offers some planning basics to churches considering the multi-site approach.