By Rachel Dawn Hayes · March 19, 2018
Worship Facilities spoke with four well-known seating providers and experts to offer an overview of the best fixed and non-fixed seating products on the market today, and hopefully help make this important choice a little simpler.

Jim Kumorek · November 20, 2017
Whether it’s pews, theater seating, in-the-round, or removable, seating style sets the tone for your services.

Martin Sinderman · December 08, 2016
There has never been more variety than today when it comes to seating and furnishings for both worship and non-worship spaces within a church facility.

WFM Staff · August 01, 2014
Elizabeth Cramer Chapel Addition at Arborlawn United Methodist Church is shaped like an Ark, with technically challenging radiused walls and ceiling. The vaulted ceiling provides an airy feel, while the stained glass windows and woodwork lend interest and warmth.