Operations Manager

Gary Zandstra · September 18, 2017
Practical guidelines to help you determine when it's really necessary for you to update or renovate your space.

By S. Craig Whisnand · September 27, 2016
Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of all the mystery that continues to surround our churches, their staffing and business practices?

Jeremy Mika · August 19, 2016
Christian Community Church, better known as Yellow Box, uses intelligent ventilation to keep it's membership alert and engaged.

WFM Staff · March 17, 2016
Ministry Brands’ acquires part of larger strategy to serve churches with streamlined comprehensive technology.

M Wagner · February 17, 2016
Better communication amongst team members will create a smoother production or function, letting team members focus more on the tasks at hand for any church service or event.

WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
What are Genesis 1 principles of stewardship in terms of energy efficiency? Employing biblical principals to reduce utility costs at church while maintaining excellence.

Colby May · January 12, 2016
Evangelical Leaders Respond to NAE’s Call to Creation Care.

Deborah Ike · December 28, 2015
Proper due diligence is the demise of far too many church building projects; here’s what a Needs & Feasibility Study contains and why it's so necessary.

WFM Staff · December 15, 2015
A focus on three key areas to keep your church congregation warm and dry this winter.

WFM Staff · December 04, 2015
Candles, lights, and greenery add splendor to the celebration of Christ's birth. These decorations can have a downside—here are safety tips for holiday decorations to reduce the risk of fire.