By Gary Zandstra · April 17, 2018
In many ways Churches are very unique buildings and they need to be designed to meet a myriad of functions. Take a fresh look at your building, or an eyes-wide-open view of one that you are planning. Will it inspire or meet at mediocrity?

Deborah Ike · March 06, 2018
Whether you already have a ChMS and are considering making a switch or you’re starting from scratch, selecting a ChMS isn’t a small decision.

Deborah Ike · December 19, 2017
Considering new construction, renovation or an expansion on your church facility? Here are words of wisdom given by church leaders who have completed their own house of worship projects.

Colby May · November 06, 2017
Is it possible to use more energy, while at the same time lowering your overall energy cost?

By Alexandra Altvater · July 26, 2017
A cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) was needed to manage the church’s assets and keep operations management details centrally organized.

By John F. Sobieski · April 05, 2016
The return of spring means that it’s time to perform seasonal maintenance on your commercial HVAC system.

M Wagner · March 24, 2016
A session featuring an interactive discussion about the development of a 20 year capital and maintenance plan (and the forms used) to protect your equipment.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · March 17, 2016
How should you plan, design, budget and otherwise steward your facilities for maximum ministry impact?

M Wagner · February 17, 2016
Better communication amongst team members will create a smoother production or function, letting team members focus more on the tasks at hand for any church service or event.

Martin Sinderman · June 04, 2015
Effective response to emergencies takes planning. Is your church prepared?