By Derek DeGroot · April 19, 2017
WFX REACH 2017 presenter, Derek DeGroot authors this article for churches who want to ignite a culture of strategic expansion.

By Lee Varian · May 24, 2016
There are many different ways to approach a multi-site church. Are you pursuing the model that best serves the church’s vision?

M Wagner · March 21, 2016
As the trend for satellite locations grows, so have available solutions. Whitt explores the risks and rewards when “going portable” is your mission.

Jim Tomberlin · February 18, 2016
Churches must focus in on effective distribution in order to make their services available to people outside of their community.

Jim Tomberlin · January 26, 2016
Ask any multisite church leader today what the most important component is in multisiting and the overwhelming answer is the campus pastor.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · January 26, 2016
When deciding on how to deliver your sermon or service to other sites, the options are numerous. Here are some considerations when selecting what's best for your house of worship.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · October 01, 2015
If launching one or more additional campuses is on the radar for your church, here’s a brief look at some areas to consider to help you develop a multi-site plan that can be implemented with confidence.

WFM Staff · August 07, 2015
Worship Facilities sits down with Brian Poole from Elevation Church to learn how he and his team keeps up with the rapid growth that is associated with Charlotte's Elevation Church.

Jim Tomberlin · July 30, 2015
Churches can multiply themselves into the next community while continuing to serve their current one. This is one of the most compelling reasons for churches to consider multisiting.

Jim Tomberlin · April 21, 2015
Many churchgoer's live within 15 minutes of their church while others may endure a longer commute. By multisiting, churches are able to reach those who live farther away as well as people in other communities.

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