By Debbie Keough · October 12, 2017
Being able to work toward nailing each area every week will bring your team closer to achieving smooth services each and every week.

Jim Kumorek · April 24, 2017
Personal monitor mix systems, technology that allows band members to create their own monitor mixes, are increasingly popular in houses of worship. Ten years ago there were few available, today there are many manufacturers. Here's a selection suited for church use.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
For Twenty Years Boland has been creating professional broadcast monitors for use in Worship Facilities.

Jim Kumorek · October 01, 2015
Besides allowing your musicians to control how they hear themselves during a performance, a personal mixer can aid in resolving overall quality of sound in your sanctuary.

By Lauren Campbell · June 11, 2015
When you protect your ministry, you're not just protecting your equipment, you're protecting all of your worshippers. This slideshow will go over the top 5 things you will need in order to make sure your ministry is protected.

WFM Staff · January 08, 2015
High quality sound and the professional features of a custom monitor are now more accessible in this universal in-ear monitor.

WFM Staff · October 22, 2014
Dual SD10s provide monitor mix for new live album, Wake Up The Wonder, recorded at sold-out 20,000-seat Time Warner Cable Arena

WFM Staff · September 27, 2013
PreSonus Eris E8 two-way, bi-amped, active studio monitors enable live sound engineers to produce quality recordings, whether for sermon podcasts or live music recordings.