By Chris Martin · February 27, 2018
The Millennial generation is largely misunderstood and sees church differently than generations who came before them.

By Phil Bowdle · March 21, 2017
Statistics and attendance are showing that Millennials are leaving or not connecting to the church at higher rates than ever before. What can churches do to reach this Millennial generation?

By Chris Martin · January 03, 2017
The Millennial Evangelical, Chris Martin, examines Galatians in regards to the hardships that we all bear and how to recognize and abstain from self-reliance.

By Chris Martin · November 17, 2016
Here are 3 principles for leading your church to talk About racial inequality and resources to help you do so

By Michael Waddell · October 05, 2016
A dilapidated retail venue retains an industrial loft vibe, gains sustainability and is future planned for growth.

M Wagner · August 04, 2016
Having an appealing youth space doesn't need to cost a lot. Look through these photos for ideas on how to transform your youth space.

By Carey Nieuwhof · February 09, 2016
What nuances of a church and its culture are proving effective at reaching the next generation?

Alison Istnick · December 07, 2015
To combat falling attendance an overhaul was done of an existing facility. FBCG created a space that encourages a deeper connection among church attendees and offers a welcoming haven for the community.

Deborah Ike · September 10, 2015
At the recent Catalyst One Day conference in Tulsa, OK, Pastors Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel each offered tips help emerging leaders take ownership of your growth.

By Tyler Reagin · September 01, 2015
From Catalyst Director, Tyler Reagin’s article, The 10 Qualities of a Great Leader, Consistent and Calm (Part 3 of 6).