WFM Staff · October 11, 2017
Event at Center Staging gives LA’s production community a close-up look at company’s latest offering.

WFM Staff · September 11, 2017
Competitively priced passive ribbon design is ideal for both studio and live applications

By Bryan Gowing · February 03, 2017
Do it right the first time and avoid the "inventive" systems cobbled together by well-meaning folks.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
The d:vote™ Instrument Microphone is now able to be easily mounted on a mic stand, thanks to DPA's 4099SM Stand Mount. This mount has a 3/8″thread that also fits smoothly with DPA's elegant floor stand series. The top of the holder has a 360° turn-around option on a ball joint.

By Mike Sessler · April 22, 2016
The best way to ensure a quality technical production may well be to simplify down to the level of excellence.

Jeremy Mika · April 12, 2016
Smart technology that can change the architecture of a sound system making a good audio mix more accessible to the less experienced sound tech.

M Wagner · April 09, 2016
Audio Technica’s BP892 is an omnidirectional microphone which can be converted from a simple earset to a full headset with an easily attachable mount. The mic features both wired and wireless models, and can operate with a variety of

M Wagner · April 09, 2016
Similar to the Countryman H6, the E6 earset model combines the same microphone audio quality as the larger H6, but puts it into a slimmer earset model. This makes it ideal for onstage presentations where a low profile mic may

WFM Staff · March 22, 2016
Point Source Audio (PSA) announced a new addition to its collection of miniature microphones that make it easy for mic wranglers and A2s to custom fit ear mounted microphones at a fraction of the time and expense of traditional methods.

September 30, 2015