Laser Projector

By LUKE MCELROY · September 07, 2017
The gear that magically outputs light to form a beautiful images can be a complex piece of equipment to understand. Here are basics to help navigate the emerging types of projectors available on today's market.

Duke DeJong · February 09, 2017
If you’re looking for a medium or large format projector, laser phosphor-based projectors are quickly becoming the go-to projector choice for five key reasons.

July 18, 2016
With projection being a staple of today's worship experience, Worship Facilities and Worship Tech Director outline the facts on why laser projection might be just what your church needs.​

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
Vivitek DU7090Z Laser projector, 6000 lumens, best value, interchangeable lens.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
Vivitek DU9000, 12,000 Lumen stackable projector, 3G-SDI, 5-year warranty

WFM Staff · April 05, 2016