LED Lighting

M Wagner · October 26, 2016
A look at some of the new lighting options perfect for church unveiled at LDI 2016.

By Duke Dejong · October 06, 2016
With prices decreasing and improvements made to LED technology in the past ten years, the argument in favor of LED lighting has become much stronger.

WFM Staff · September 26, 2016
Michigan’s Mount Pleasant Community Church has upgraded their outdated lighting system with a dynamic LED solution.

By Steven Hall · September 02, 2016
When deciding on the right LED lights, color rendering and authenticity should be a primary concern.

WFM Staff · July 13, 2016
Elation Professional’s SixBar 1000 LED batten is now available in a fully weatherproof IP65 version that gives the versatile color-changing luminaire application in all types of outdoor events and weather including dust-blown environments. The SixBar 1000 IP features a revolutionary 6-color

WFM Staff · June 22, 2016
A “modern touch” of dynamic lighting to create an impressionable environment for a flourishing youth ministry facility.

Jim Kumorek · May 19, 2016
Perfect for the house of worship market and a great choice for production-oriented churches, today's LED fixtures offer a great value for the amount of features they provide.

Jim Kumorek · May 16, 2016
Four bad raps, and one good, about LEDs that are no longer true of today's LED lighting fixtures.

WFM Staff · April 21, 2016
Opened in time for Easter services, the new house lighting system is both functional with white-light capabilities and offers unlimited creativity with full-color immersion for the room when desired.

By Robert Bell · November 06, 2015
Using the Cognito Lighting Console to manage color mixing, intensity curves, resolution, and other lighting effects.

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