WFM Staff · May 22, 2017
Elation Professional is pleased to offer the new IP65-rated Paladin, a highly versatile hybrid LED luminaire that functions as a brilliantly bright blinder, powerful strobe and high-output wash light, well-suited for today's church.

Jim Kumorek · April 27, 2017
Whether your church is contemporary or traditional, today's moving lights lend benefit well beyond their flashy ability to boost energy and emotion during services and events.

Jim Kumorek · February 28, 2017
Beyond foundational lighting, here are fixtures to give your service that extra pop.

Martin Sinderman · September 20, 2016
Create the open and welcoming experience you want people to have in your church by employing clear and compelling interior signage.

WFM Staff · January 05, 2016
Chalice 150 down light follows the Altman Lighting tradition of quality. Designed specifically for the demands of churches and public venues, the Chalice 150 is a White LED pendant fixture that is an energy-efficient solution for general lighting needs. Extremely smooth dimming reproduces the comfortable feel of traditional incandescent sources.

WFM Staff · January 04, 2016
Draper's Screen Boom is mounted on a motorized operable arm. The whole system is stored, the screen retracted, nearly flat against a wall. Operate the Screen Boom to swing the screen out into the room, any distance up to 90 degrees, then lower the screen for use.

WFM Staff · December 19, 2015
The Mega-Lite Outshine T100 is a U.S. custom-made, silent color-changing LED fixture that tailors to the needs of churches. It is equipped with a 100-watt RGB single-source point LED and is made to the church's specifications by selecting the lens angle, the body color, and DMX connection type.

WFM Staff · December 18, 2015
VEGALUX by Fluotec LED Fresnel. HALODIM manipulates 8 -bit DMX data into 48-bit The NEBULA, a proprietary optics chamber to more closely resemble a natural light. motorized DMX zoom VEGALUX light output equal to a 1000 Watt fixture but at only 185 Watts. 8 leaf barn door Tungsten and Daylight

WFM Staff · December 12, 2015
Draper's Optically Seamless TecVision surfaces are now available up to 23' high x 69' wide. Instead of using traditional seams, or having a seamless substrate, Draper fuses the substrate, resulting in a flatter base and stronger weld, then uses the TecVision formulation process to create an optically seamless viewing surface.

WFM Staff · December 09, 2015
Have you ever considered an invisible projection screen? No borders. No depth. AV Stumpfl's Fullwhite® makes the picture float in space. This pure design product is popular for flying screen applications, and includes multiple mounting solutions to break the borders in screen and set design. Fullwhite® goes beyond the borders!