Alison Istnick · October 11, 2017
Solomon Awards nominations were open to churches, architects, designers and builders, with the winners recently determined and honored at the WFX Conference & Expo on Wednesday in Dallas.

By Pat Brown · June 16, 2017
In a day of internet deals on cheap gear and cost consciousness, determining the best value for the dollars spent is what needs to be understood.

Deborah Ike · May 31, 2017
Use this standard process to plan and manage tasks related to achieving your goal. Essentially, this is a way to organize your team and all the tasks involved so you finish on time and within budget..

WFM Staff · October 15, 2014
Aero Series 2 loudspeaker system supports musical requirements of more than fifty strong volunteer praise band.

WFM Staff · July 23, 2013
Winners and nominees for 2013 Solomon Awards for Best Tech Contractor or Consultant, Best Technical Direction, Best Technical Production, and Best Design, Installation and Operation of an Audio, Video and LIghting System.