WFM Staff · April 06, 2018
With the number one influencer of facility utility bills being attributed to heating and cooling costs, eSPACE has announced its development of COOLSPACE that seamlessly integrates with Network Thermostats to assist in cost control.

WFM Staff · November 06, 2017
The shift from heating to cooling season is prime time for occupant discomfort. Are you doing your best to keep buildings in an optimal temperature range?

Jeremy Mika · April 06, 2017
Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt turn to Green Star Energy Solutions and Fujitsu to retrofit historic convent with ultra-efficient heating and cooling system.

M Wagner · February 17, 2017
Each year new products come along which make life for facility managers a bit easier. 2016 is no different.

By John F. Sobieski · April 05, 2016
The return of spring means that it’s time to perform seasonal maintenance on your commercial HVAC system.

Colby May · March 15, 2016
There is a common misconception that when installing energy saving equipment, that efficiency takes care of itself. Here are practical ways you can enhance your existing equipment to save your ministry money on keeping cool this summer.

Colby May · September 29, 2015
Retro-commissioning is the first stage in the building upgrade process and helps identify improper equipment performance. In most cases facility personnel have a great understanding of the systems, and how to operate the facility, but do not understand how to run the system efficiently.

Keith Loria · January 30, 2015
Should you sign off on another repair for your HVAC system, or are there telling signs that it's time for an upgrade.

October 13, 2014
To learn how to measure energy usage on Energy Star's free 1 -100 scale, where your church data is compared to the national average for worship facility energy use. To learn how to implement Energy Star's free strategic energy management tools, training and tech support to manage energy (and water) costs. To learn how to assess energy/dollar/greenhouse gas emissions savings accurately, accounting for "weather normalization" and to generate custom reports for church decision-makers and members. To learn how to distinguish your measured, verified achievements versus "good intentions" and earn the national Energy Star, or have your success story published and promoted nationally.

WFM Staff · October 06, 2014
New in 2014 these products are designed to make your church safer, more comfortable and highly efficient.