By Richard Flory · January 11, 2018
The popular view of California is of a liberal, godless region, a land of possibilities that is open to experimentation in all things. Despite this perception, California has more megachurches than any other state.

Mark MacDonald · December 06, 2017
It’s the most cost-effective method of evangelism. Why? Because most people know and interact with people similar to them.

Gary Zandstra · March 14, 2017
Having a well-kept, nice facility is just expected. Also having the proper technology to carry out your ministry is a total must...

Mark MacDonald · February 28, 2017
With churches in decline or stagnation, we need to go back to foundational reasons for faltering church attendance.

Deborah Ike · June 09, 2016
One of the opportunities of leadership is being able to take a step back and see the big picture. But how you interact with those on the front lines can either be a hindrance, or a leverage to ministry.

By Timothy O’Malley · September 17, 2015
When we get members in the door, we need to inspire them to want to come back. That is how a church’s facility manager can give the Lord a return on His investment.

Jim Tomberlin · July 30, 2015
Churches can multiply themselves into the next community while continuing to serve their current one. This is one of the most compelling reasons for churches to consider multisiting.

Jeremy Mika · September 07, 2014
Is your church short on space? Having the blessing of a growing congregation can cause logistical nightmares for pastors and church leaders who are effectively trying to make disciples of Christ.