Facility Design

By Gary Zandstra · November 15, 2016
In the pursuit of creating a worthy facility, what elements must come together to create a sacred space?

By Michael Waddell · October 05, 2016
A dilapidated retail venue retains an industrial loft vibe, gains sustainability and is future planned for growth.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · June 22, 2016
As salt and light among church facilities, North Coast Calvary Chapel takes a timeless Tuscan approach.

By Gary Zandstra · April 21, 2016
In many ways Churches are very unique buildings and they need to be designed to meet a myriad of functions. Take a fresh look at your building, or an eyes-wide-open view of one that you are planning. Will it inspire or meet at mediocrity?

Jeremy Mika · March 23, 2016
Are our facilities today discipleship friendly? If not, we may be guilty of trading the great for the good.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · March 14, 2016
In what emerges as a perfect storm, an Iowa-based church shares the story of how destruction and displacement refined it's heart for community.

By Adam Martin · January 21, 2016
For many pastors, overseeing a worship facility construction project can feel overwhelming. Knowing the basics about team assembly and delivery method will help.

By Gary Zandstra · January 01, 2016
Bringing clarity to the three most popular methods of constructing a worship facility.

Deborah Ike · December 28, 2015
Proper due diligence is the demise of far too many church building projects; here’s what a Needs & Feasibility Study contains and why it's so necessary.

WFM Staff · December 16, 2015
A uniquely branded campus enables Arrowhead Church to serve its community and the Kingdom of God in a whole new capacity.

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