By Rachel Dawn Hayes · March 19, 2018
Worship Facilities spoke with four well-known seating providers and experts to offer an overview of the best fixed and non-fixed seating products on the market today, and hopefully help make this important choice a little simpler.

WFM Staff · December 19, 2016
At WFX 2016 Louisville, Kentucky with Live Design Group's, Aubrey Garrison who demonstrates their Live Design Process for church facilities.

By Gary Zandstra · November 03, 2016
Do you really know what the experience is of those who attend your services? Avoid overlooking some very important factors.

WFM Staff · October 13, 2016
The Moda Seating Wagon incorporates a highly-engineered design that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy seating solution for sanctuaries and auditoriums.

Jim Tomberlin · July 22, 2016
Locality and buildings have always played a role in the ministry of Jesus' Church.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · June 13, 2016
Topics include Filmmaking, Church Security and Small Church Innovation

WFM Staff · August 13, 2015
When considering alternatives to traditionally constructed buildings, engineered membrane structures offer attractive advantages that can fit the needs of churches.

By Rachel Dawn Hayes · April 08, 2015
A look into the new Chapel at Church of the Highlands.

Jeremy Mika · March 14, 2015
Sound consultant Kenric Van Wyk offers some insight into several common misconceptions about church facility acoustics.

October 13, 2014
Participant will understand the need for life-cycle planning. Participant will learn an easy way to start a building systems list, understanding the critical areas to start on first. Participant will learn common expected service life of building systems, as well as how to translate those into budget models. Participant will learn how to minimize risk over time, as well as ways to present life-cycle budgetary needs to their church governing body.