By Phil Cook · November 04, 2016
Finding your authentic voice in social media isn't that different from traditional media/

By Chris Martin · October 18, 2016
Platform building can become a vanity game. However, the Millennial Evangelical, Chris Martin shows how a ministry leader's brand can grow outwardly and honor God.

By Alejandro Reyes · September 09, 2016
Three tips for welcoming new members and better engaging with your community.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · March 14, 2016
Today's avenues for communication are powerful and elusive: How can churches wrangle the potential of modern communications and social media?

WFM Staff · November 06, 2015
Social Media is about relationships, not numbers. Are you guilty of any of these?

Mark MacDonald · October 14, 2015
If you’re a church communicator you’re juggling a lot of things and don’t have a lot of time, but you still need to engage your congregation better where they spend time.

WFM Staff · August 13, 2015
On top of branding and budgeting, church communicators must effectively use media to educate, inform and help members grow spiritually, and communicate numerous messages.

Mark MacDonald · July 22, 2015
The more distant you are from someone, the harder it becomes to communicate to them. Here are tips to close that gap.

Mark MacDonald · July 10, 2015
Discovering ways to reach out with emerging social media platforms.

June 05, 2015
Just stepping into social media? Looking for ways to take your church’s social media presence to another level? In this session, we’ll explore several ways to effectively utilize social media to extend the reach of your church beyond Sunday morning.

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