Extron Electronics

Alison S. Istnick · February 12, 2018
Taking inspiration from modern pendant lighting, the SF 3PT offers an architecturally clean, unobtrusive design that complements the aesthetic of contemporary interiors.

WFM Staff · October 13, 2017
Extron Electronics has announced the availability of the new Quantum OUT4DTP, a four-channel DTP output card for the Quantum Ultra video wall processor.

WFM Staff · September 26, 2017
Extron’s StudioStation™ is a powerful, one-touch communication tool for houses of worship, which captures high-quality video and audio for archival and future playback. It simultaneously records and streams to overflow rooms, staff offices, or satellite campuses. Easy to use and cost effective, StudioStation is an ideal solution for growing congregations.

WFM Staff · October 05, 2015
The Extron SMP 351 streaming media processor is an all-in-one box that provides input switching, scaling, PIP processing, recording, and dual streaming of AV signals. It is easy to use and requires no licensing fees, making it an ideal tool for growing congregations to better connect with members.

By Lauren Campbell · August 21, 2015
Video for your place of worship goes beyond cameras. You will need siwtchers, lights, mixers and more. Here's a selection of what you'll need in order to prepare your ministry for video.