Gary Zandstra · September 18, 2017
Practical guidelines to help you determine when it's really necessary for you to update or renovate your space.

By Derek DeGroot · June 26, 2017
If you want to ignite a culture of strategic expansion, you have to build for one–literally.

By Gary Zandstra · November 15, 2016
In the pursuit of creating a worthy facility, what elements must come together to create a sacred space?

By Michael Waddell · October 05, 2016
A dilapidated retail venue retains an industrial loft vibe, gains sustainability and is future planned for growth.

Andres Caamano · September 27, 2016
A look at Bethel World's expansion and master plan that includes a seamless capability to weave video into its worship.

By Cathy Hutchison · June 02, 2016
The ministry required a re-imagining of their children’s spaces to create continuity and provide a better experience for families with children.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · May 24, 2016
An older institutional space is revived to new life for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The fortitude of church leadership models how obedience is a calling met by God's faithfulness.

Jeremy Mika · March 31, 2016
With their feet in the present and their eyes on the future, one church creates a plan for a worship center designed for both present and future ministry with its expandable sanctuary space.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · October 05, 2015
Westover Hills designs an expansion to accommodate growth, almost doubling sanctuary seating as well as adding both community and education space, within the same footprint.

WFM Staff · October 05, 2015
With a unique “Worship Café” model, Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist Church reaches more than 200 congregants each week via video worship. In just six days, without any downtime in production, the church overhauled its new video system.