Executive Pastor

Deborah Ike · November 16, 2017
Want to develop team members who aren't simply performing tasks, but who are evaluating what's going on and offering new ideas and solutions to current issues?

By Kevin Penrod · October 12, 2017
A great solution for churches that are seeking to bring back some intimacy into their worship space, is the creative tool of environmental projection.

Deborah Ike · December 28, 2015
Proper due diligence is the demise of far too many church building projects; here’s what a Needs & Feasibility Study contains and why it's so necessary.

By Ron Lowe & Kyle Reese · October 30, 2015
How to ensure your church has the insurance coverage it needs to protect against threat of disaster.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · October 15, 2015
Ministry in all its forms should be executed with excellence.Yet, there is one area of ministry that, more often than not, misses the mark. WFX presents a learning module focused on staff development in the church.

WFM Staff · August 14, 2015
INTERVIEW - WFX 2014 Keynote Presenter, Whitney George, Executive Pastor, Church on The Move, Tulsa, OK

Jim Wagner · June 02, 2014
Worship Facilities recently caught up with Gunnare, chief operations officer of Lutheran Church of Hope (lutheranchurchofhope.org) in Des Moines, IA, to ask him about expansion projects underway at the church. Gunnare discusses his role in overseeing growth projects as well as a unique partnership with an area YMCA.