Equipment Maintenance

Jim Kumorek · July 13, 2017
There is often frustration with church leadership when things go wrong with AVL during services, especially if the problem isn’t addressed quickly and fixed by those serving that weekend. There’s a good reason why this happens.

By Chris Huff · November 04, 2016
Things happen in live audio but their likelihood of occurring can be minimized with upkeep and maintenance. To keep your drums sounding great, follow these four steps.

By Lee Varian · May 24, 2016
There are many different ways to approach a multi-site church. Are you pursuing the model that best serves the church’s vision?

By John F. Sobieski · April 05, 2016
The return of spring means that it’s time to perform seasonal maintenance on your commercial HVAC system.

Keith Loria · December 15, 2015
When it comes to technology needs for special events or emergencies, some churches turn to equipment rental.

By Gary Zandstra · September 24, 2015
In this ever evolving world of more, more, more, better, better, better - when is good enough, good enough?

Jim Kumorek · April 21, 2015
In general, churches try really hard not to spend money. Which isn’t a bad thing. But part of this strive for frugalness can actually cause you more issues.

October 13, 2014
Participant will understand the need for life-cycle planning. Participant will learn an easy way to start a building systems list, understanding the critical areas to start on first. Participant will learn common expected service life of building systems, as well as how to translate those into budget models. Participant will learn how to minimize risk over time, as well as ways to present life-cycle budgetary needs to their church governing body.

October 13, 2014
Presented by Marcus Hammond, Shane Rushik, and Jared Wells at WFX Dallas 2014