Energy Management

By Duke DeJong · November 06, 2017
With prices decreasing and improvements made to LED technology in the past ten years, the argument in favor of LED lighting has become much stronger.

WFM Staff · November 06, 2017
The shift from heating to cooling season is prime time for occupant discomfort. Are you doing your best to keep buildings in an optimal temperature range?

Colby May · August 09, 2017
6 factors to consider when choosing an electric provider in a newly deregulated energy market.

Colby May · August 11, 2016
Changing the world through church facility managers.

Colby May · June 30, 2016
Worship Facilities takes a look at energy usage by products that can be plugged into an AC outlet that adds up to around 20 percent of building electrical use.

Martin Sinderman · June 01, 2016
Energy costs – dollars spent on cooling, lighting and operating a facility – are often the largest line item for list of church expenses.

Colby May · March 15, 2016
There is a common misconception that when installing energy saving equipment, that efficiency takes care of itself. Here are practical ways you can enhance your existing equipment to save your ministry money on keeping cool this summer.

WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
What are Genesis 1 principles of stewardship in terms of energy efficiency? Employing biblical principals to reduce utility costs at church while maintaining excellence.

WFM Staff · October 22, 2015
In a resolution approved last week, the board of directors of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) joined with the worldwide evangelical community in adopting the creation care principles outlined in the Lausanne Cape Town Commitment.

By Colby May · September 08, 2015
We must begin to look at missions and creation care (sustainability/energy management) with our imagination rather then our rational, and by doing so we will open up a new pathway to change.