Digital Signage

M Wagner · February 16, 2017
Is it time to update your church's sign? Here are available options for modern church signs.

M Wagner · January 24, 2017
How can your church benefit from kiosks? Here's a look at various types of kiosks and the roles they each fill.

WFM Staff · November 10, 2016
Mvix powered digital signage install improves communication and engagement with the congregation.

M Wagner · October 04, 2016
Looking to upgrade your church's signage? Take a look at the many options available for indoor signage available for the church.

By Todd Heft · June 27, 2016
Digital signs can make any space feel modern and sophisticated while simultaneously performing the important task of displaying pertinent information.

WFM Staff · May 28, 2015
With its latest offer, dnp is changing this paradigm. Its new optical flat screens are based on optical screen technology, and powered by a laser projector mounted over the screen which shoots down from a steep angle. They give users the same image quality as LED screens, except in a 100” model, and at a highly competitive price for houses of worship.

WFM Staff · May 08, 2015
Designed for scalability, security and ease of use, Carousel lets users fill displays with a montage of video, pictures, text, tickers, social posts, weather graphics and more.

WFM Staff · April 01, 2015
Legacy Church was able to create a memorable and impactful worship experience for its 10,000 weekly attendees and more effectively disseminate information to its community with their new digital signage platform.

By Lauren Campbell · March 10, 2015
Piksel Faith’s DS4 is an online digital signage solution purposely built and specifically designed to display daily multimedia content with simultaneous downloads of new and updated content.

Martin Sinderman · September 17, 2014
The Digital Signage Federation offers resources to houses of worship.

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