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WFM Staff · February 09, 2017
The 3rd annual REACH Conference returns to Raleigh with its powerful 1.5-day conference. The conference is held in a church setting and features national and regional experts delivering education and training in the areas that are critical to a church’s ability to grow and have greater impact on community.

By Building God's Way · October 19, 2016
What would happen to our ministries if we cut out the mortgages, reduced the overhead expenses of our facilities by two-thirds or more, and used our buildings seven days a week?

By Dan Cook · October 06, 2016
Excerpt from 10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries, a book which identifies significant areas impacting Christian ministries in the coming years, and identifies very practical responses for churches to overcome these shifts.

Jim Wagner · May 31, 2016
WFX REACH Conference session powerpoint slides from Raleigh and San Antonio event held May 2016.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · May 31, 2016
To be held Sept. 20-22 in Louisville, Ky., the event’s 2016 theme, “Grow. Together.” encapsulates the vision for the conference, as well as its parent organization, the WFX Network.

May 09, 2016
When considering a church building project or renovation, the process – starting with a vision and making it a reality - is critical to its success! Our success is not only the building, it’s how we get you there!

Rachel Dawn Hayes · February 15, 2016
An untypical church in Cambridge, Minn., constructs a facility to match its service minded roots and modern day community.

WFM Staff · February 11, 2016
An in-depth look at emerging trends spurring growth in construction, including the house of worship market.

By Adam Martin · January 21, 2016
For many pastors, overseeing a worship facility construction project can feel overwhelming. Knowing the basics about team assembly and delivery method will help.

WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
First United Methodist Church of Blueridge, Texas, builds a 10,250 square foot facility using traditional wood framed permanent modular construction.

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