Gary Zandstra · September 14, 2017
The combination of physical elements and the emotions one experiences from their surroundings can shape the the comfort level from beginning to end.

M Wagner · September 06, 2017
Six ideas on how to make the most awesome children's space ever , using some ideas for interactive children's space feature -- from easily doable to extravagant.

August 31, 2017

Jim Kumorek · February 28, 2017
Beyond foundational lighting, here are fixtures to give your service that extra pop.

Alison Istnick · December 29, 2016
As we turn the page on 2016, we’re excited to present the 10 must-read articles that were the most-read over this past year on

October 28, 2016
Before you select an integrator to work on your next church design, here are 5 questions you need to ask.

Mark MacDonald · May 05, 2016
Many churches are spending more than needed on their communications, when a tweak will save money and be more effective. Here are 5 solutions we recommend for quick savings.

Jim Tomberlin · February 18, 2016
Churches must focus in on effective distribution in order to make their services available to people outside of their community.

WFM Staff · December 22, 2015
Fine-tune your space with Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners. Transform is the perfect solution for adding variable acoustics to a worship space or auditorium. Transform Banners improve the listening experience for your audience and controls the levels of sound absorption and reflections in your space.

Deborah Ike · October 08, 2015
Wisdom from the trenches of those who have recently completed a church building project. Taken from the Worship Facilities Church Construction survey results.