M Wagner · November 01, 2017
A look at uncommon, common areas - from couches, cafes to inspiration for how churches can design their social spaces.

Gary Zandstra · June 15, 2017
One of the activities that a church facility needs to facilitate is creating an active sense of community.

Mark MacDonald · April 24, 2017
What we hear and have been told (perception) often becomes reality in our mind and may keep us from experiencing great things - relationships, businesses, and yes, churches.

Mark MacDonald · March 09, 2017
Reading books and studying other’s work allows us to learn, but the tension occurs on how you use what you've learned.

Mark MacDonald · February 15, 2017
Churches need to reconnect with their communities which are increasing at a faster rate than churches are growing.

Mark MacDonald · January 12, 2017
I've engaged with hundreds of churches who are attempting to communicate for busy ministries. All too often - I hear lies or gullible misconceptions.

By Cathy Hutchison · March 08, 2016
Creating a place within church that's rich with opportunities for conversation, contemplation and relationship building. Three ministries share their insights on spaces designed for connection.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · February 15, 2016
An untypical church in Cambridge, Minn., constructs a facility to match its service minded roots and modern day community.

M Wagner · January 14, 2016
As a church how can we approach the use of our building in a way that extends itself to people who live nearby

WFM Staff · October 07, 2015
Already with more than 800 partners, learn how this program is continuing to grow.