Communications Director

January 05, 2017
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Mark MacDonald · December 20, 2016
Church needs to be a great conversation. Every time someone attends a service, reads a tweet, browses your website, or looks at your bulletin.

By Kathryn Binkley · December 09, 2016
As church communicators, we must look to refine our information and limit the number of announcements.

By Mark MacDonald · November 22, 2016
After talking to hundreds of church communicators at dozens of conferences, I believe they’ll get better if they feel appreciated.

By Phil Bowdle · October 26, 2016
How does a church communications team partner with ministries instead of just playing the role of service department? It starts by asking the right questions.

Mark MacDonald · August 31, 2016
Ministry silos can inadvertently be established where each area is known for something different. Learn to develop a communications thread to unite and support your church.

Mark MacDonald · August 16, 2016
Your church is full of content! You probably don’t need really need a writer, instead you'll want to hire this kind of person.

By Phil Bowdle · August 01, 2016
As the Church, we offer life-changing opportunities for people, but they are often ignored, tuned-out, or forgotten during typical and traditional announcements.

By Phil Bowdle · July 12, 2016
A step by step communications audit process that can help you shift away from being reactive, so you can build a strategy for communicating effectively as a church. .

M Wagner · May 06, 2016
Jesus used parables to teach his disciples, oftentimes stories are our strongest path to the truth. This session will delve into the different ways of adding visual storytelling to your worship, social media, and external communications.

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