Church Management Software

Deborah Ike · February 06, 2018
How do you successfully make the change to a new church management software program and still have a happy team? Here are three tips to implement for a smooth process.

WFM Staff · May 26, 2015
Even with new staff, it was not enough to keep up with increasing work requests. That's when HighRidge turned to FMX Church Software as a solution.

WFM Staff · October 29, 2014
ChurchNumbers works great by itself and with church management software. It gives you meaningful access to aggregate data that, until now, has required a lot of manual effort to prepare church management software simply isn't built for. Tired of Monday morning number crunching? Check out

WFM Staff · October 06, 2014
New in 2014 these products are designed to make your church safer, more comfortable and highly efficient.

WFM Staff · August 01, 2014
Seraphim is designed to maximize users’ outreach and create intimacy between members, regular attenders and guests. Sharing between users’ ministry leadership team, church congregation and visitors becomes not just easy, but exciting, rewarding and valuable. Seraphim’s focus on easy reporting, spectacular dashboards and powerful analytics set it apart from the rest of the crowd.