Church Communications

Mark MacDonald · September 12, 2017
The Bible clearly says “go and tell”. But what if the community isn’t listening?

April 07, 2017
Read this 26-page PDF to take a close look the comprehensive data that is laid out in this report. The overriding goal of the survey is for those working in churches can see themselves and their church in the data, and that the information proves to be useful as part of a measured evaluation of your own ongoing efforts.

WFM Staff · March 28, 2017
The State of Church Communications is the first comprehensive analysis of social media, church website and outreach ministry efforts in the American Church.

Mark MacDonald · November 18, 2015
It’s happening. WFX has started and there’s an excitement from everyone. Can you feel it? Be careful though, the Conference and Expo time will fly by and you’ll soon be on your way home. Will you be changed by the experience?

January 26, 2015
WFX Conference Session Video: Churches have the ability to leverage reviews on Yelp and Google, sort Twitter feeds by zip code, get members active on Next Door and target advertising to demographics in Facebook. Social media connects with the world, but it also has some pretty dynamic ways to connect with the local.

January 24, 2015
WFX Conference Session Video:Need something that almost magically captures the attention of your community and makes them listen to a greater truth? Stories are the key.

October 13, 2014
To learn how The Village Church built and maintains their Communications team. To learn practical tips and ideas in the area of creativity. To learn practical tips and ideas in the area of strategy. To learn practical tips and ideas in the area of service.

Deborah Ike · September 22, 2014
Did you play the game of telephone as a kid? The first person whispers a single sentence into the next person’s ear and the cycle continues until the last kid announces the sentence to the whole group. The sentence is never quite the same as it was in the beginning. The message was distorted multiple times as it went from person to person. The same thing happens to us as grownups. We’re using much more sophisticated technology nowadays, but we still end up with lost messages and misunderstandings.