Children's Area

WFM Staff · January 09, 2018
Child abuse is never an easy topic. Everyone expects the church to be a safe place for kids. How does the church establish processes and procedures to ensure that it is safe? A number one defense is a good offense.

WFM Staff · October 24, 2017
Interested in reaching out to the families within your local community? Here are ways to become a church that intentionally creates space for parents.

Martin Sinderman · April 13, 2017
For churches large and small, providing safety and security for their children’s ministry participants is a major area of concern these days.

By Cathy Hutchison · April 03, 2017
Innovative church ministries that are impacting families through their youth and children's facilities and programs.

M Wagner · October 11, 2016
Take your children's room to the next level with these creative decor ideas.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
Many churches build participation into their youth programs and attract adult volunteers to manage team play. Churches with active programs are often led to install play structures and outside play areas. Kids Love To Play! Give them the opportunity with a well organized, well equipped children’s ministry. A play structure is a natural selection to let children be kids and make the church a place where kids get excited to go.

By Cathy Hutchison · August 28, 2015
Churches today are actively seeking to add relevance and functional space to both their youth and children's ministry space.

By Cathy Hutchison · June 12, 2015
Ideas, technologies, and fresh perspectives for children’s spaces.

By Cathy Hutchison · April 28, 2015
A look at breakthrough design trends to engage children and families

WFM Staff · March 03, 2015
Themes for children's areas are still on trend. However, the use of bold color and textures is playing a larger role in refreshing and adding excitement to kids areas. Here are some energizing examples of how bursts of bold color can create inviting, fun destinations.