Capital Campaign

Deborah Ike · April 10, 2017
Facility construction isn’t an inexpensive endeavor. Here are strategies to prepare a church to embark on the journey.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · November 04, 2016
Breaking the news to your church, of a renovation or expansion, can be a daunting undertaking. Pastors and professionals share how to communicate the ‘Next Big Thing’ to your church body.

WFM Staff · November 02, 2015
Donations will be funded via Pushpay’s mobile giving technology on Tomlin’s Love Ran Red tour.

By Robert Evans · April 03, 2015
The shifting of American charitable dollars from religious institutions to other areas has been a gradual process – one that shows no signs of abating. How are some congregations able to run against the wind and complete major fundraising campaigns?

WFM Staff · February 23, 2015
If your church is considering an expansion project, Partners in Church Consulting, based in Southlake, Texas, is a place to start.

Martin Sinderman · February 17, 2015
Looking to start a campaign. These trends in economy and culture are modifying effective strategies.

Martin Sinderman · December 31, 2014
Before you pick up the phone to talk with a capital campaign specialist, it pays to do some research first.

WFM Staff · April 22, 2010
Medium-sized Evangel Temple Assembly of God in Kansas City, Mo., expands with vision and focus

By Julianne Winkler Smith · January 01, 2008
A story of how prayer, perseverance, and partnership helped one Maryland church overcome building obstacles.

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