Building Committee

Jeremy Mika · March 02, 2017
According to the ECCU, churches spend 82 percent of their yearly fiscal budget on administrative and maintenance costs which include personnel, facility maintenance and administration.

By Gary Zandstra · March 30, 2016
Constructing or renovating a worship facility can and should be a joyful time. So, what are the right things to do which will help bring joy - or at least keep the peace - during a building project?

WFM Staff · March 04, 2016
For many pastors, overseeing a worship facility construction project can feel overwhelming. Knowing the basics about team assembly and delivery method will help.

Jeremy Mika · January 04, 2016
For one church, opting against sanctuary expansion and instead deciding to create a new multi-purpose lobby has fostered real growth --- with authentic personal connections and flourishing relationships.

WFM Staff · October 16, 2014
Is your church running out of space? Are you considering expanded times of activity and shared community spaces for your facility? Unsure of how to best fund the acquisition of land or buildings, or how to finance an expansion or construction of your facilities? These sessions taught by church leaders and industry experts will lend insight into complex issues encountered by growing churches.