Mark MacDonald · November 09, 2016
Only do what you can do well. Know who and why people use the network.

By Greg Stovell · August 09, 2016
Too many ministries begin by asking “What can we afford to do?” or “How much money do we have this year?” I believe this is a very dangerous place to start.

M Wagner · March 24, 2016
A session featuring an interactive discussion about the development of a 20 year capital and maintenance plan (and the forms used) to protect your equipment.

By Luke Vettel · October 08, 2015
Three keys for planning and communicating technology budget requirements to less tech-savvy stakeholders.

June 10, 2015
How to Build a Volunteer Friendly Media System.

June 09, 2015
How much to spend and how to streeeetch those dollars. In your role you need to be a good steward of your resources, but how do you accurately plan for what you need in gear and staff. Attend and learn how to evaluate your needs, estimate your costs and make the case for it to leadership.

Colby May · June 02, 2015
Preventive maintenance (PM), what is it and why is it vital for churches to invest into this type of program? Learning the basics can save your church significant energy costs.

Deborah Ike · May 31, 2015
Budgeting is considered a necessary and sometimes frustrating process. Here is a plan to be more effective in creating the guardrails for your ministry.

By Eddy Hall, Ray Bowman and J. Skipp Machmer · April 06, 2015
Why has having too many programs become the rule rather than the exception? Smart ways to maximize your money, space, time and people to multiply ministry impact.

Jeremy Mika · February 02, 2015
According to the ECCU, churches spend 82 percent of their yearly fiscal budget on administrative and maintenance costs which include personnel, facility maintenance and administration.

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