Mark MacDonald · January 05, 2017
You can have a great church website. There are 5 simple rules you must follow.

Mark MacDonald · December 13, 2016
Looking at the past year can give an indication of what worked and what did not. Based on your findings, caution is needed as you set in motion ministry changes for the oncoming year.

By Phil Cook · November 04, 2016
Finding your authentic voice in social media isn't that different from traditional media/

Mark MacDonald · October 26, 2016
Jesus shared the parable of the wise and foolish builders (Matthew and Luke) because we need to weigh the cost of what we’re building and start with the proper foundation.

By Chris Martin · October 18, 2016
Platform building can become a vanity game. However, the Millennial Evangelical, Chris Martin shows how a ministry leader's brand can grow outwardly and honor God.

Mark MacDonald · August 04, 2016
In an increasingly chaotic environment, how is a small church to be heard? Here are steps you can employ to get your message out.

By Kathryn Binkley · July 26, 2016
Is your brand living up to it’s importance, or does it need some work?

Mark MacDonald · July 07, 2016
All this talk about branding and the church. Is it really that important? Is it totally new talk and thinking? Is it all crazy, or is it necessary?

Mark MacDonald · March 03, 2016
Contrary to popular opinion there are valid arguments why a religious icon isn't necessary in your church's brand.

Mark MacDonald · February 16, 2016
Who you “are” in their minds is an inadvertent brand. Your perception becomes their reality.

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